About The Artist

"Art is not what you see,

but what you make others see."

–Edgar Degas

Professional Career

Elsy Aumann was born in Venezuela and is the founder and principal of Graphic Vision Creative Group. With over 25 years of experience as a graphic designer, brand development strategist, and photographer, she has won several awards and recognitions. She lives with an intense creative spirit and passion for her life's work to provide strategic branding solutions and marketing materials for her clients. Her personal journey with people and travels is what motivates and inspires her to transcend and evolve in life thru art pieces.

Creative Direction & Photography

With her expertise and professionalism, she will assume, both leadership positions, either as a Creative Director for any advertising productions, or as an Art Director, where she will design with a vision already set. When she is behind the camera, she executes photo shoot productions, booking the talent, art directing, and ultimately delivering successful polished, print-ready designs or images with a great return on your investment. Additionally, with her extensive background in printing she will also make sure your pieces print consistently.

Artistic Work

Equipped with the creative skill and tools, Elsy Aumann combines her talent in graphic design and photography and with the fusion of these two emerges a trend she calls "me l'arte". These minimalists and contrasting art pieces, some of them with a kinetic modern twist, will use "you" as the main subject, extracting unique details such your own personal signature, fingerprints, or eyes; and turn them into a personalized art piece, printed onto a canvas or a giclee, where the colors and optical illusion will challenge the mind every time you look at it.


me l'arte






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Photo Shoot Bookings or Commissions

If you are interested in commissioning Elsy Aumann for a photo shoot, send us a detailed message with the date of the shoot, a brief description of the specific photography category (Fashion, Portrait, Event, Sports or Corporate).

A me l'arte commission by the studio of Elsy Aumann is simply an elegant way of creating an unique memory! As an investment there is none like it. Elsy would be delighted to speak with you regarding your ideas. In no time you can become the owner of a custom ordered piece of a fine art portrait inspired in you only. Use the form below to reach to our studio for a consultation of creative and processing fees.




(954) 772-3500

Important Copyright Notice:

Copyright is protected by Federal Copyright Law. It is unlawful to copy or scan any images without permission of Elsy Aumann or Graphic Vision Creative Group. In order to control the quality of the work produced, Elsy Aumann or Graphic Vision Creative Group is the only one who can crop or modify any image produced during your photo session. By violating this law, you are devaluing her work, as a photographer. Elsy Aumann retains the copyright and ownership of all images taken during your session/event, and reserves the right to reproduce images for portfolio use, studio display, gallery display, website, self promotion, photo contests, etc. Clients are not or  allowed to reproduce any images without written consent from Elsy Aumann or Graphic Vision Creative Group (a print release will be provided with each digital image purchase.) The images that will be provided to you are licensed to you for personal use only, including: printing, e-mailing, and sharing online. You may share images online (i.e. Facebook) with credit noted to Elsy Aumann or Graphic Vision Creative Group. You may not enter them into any photo contests without permission.

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